We are a team of geeks, nerds and misfits who fell in love with eComm and are obsessed with design, marketing, business, tech and data.

More than anything else, we are problem solvers.

We collectively like to work on things we can take pride in and here’s
how and why we started:

Early last year(2020), we observed an immense growth in the eCommerce space, D2C to be particular.

Shopify and other similar platforms have truly democratized eCommerce and with it came the wave of thousands of new rapidly growing D2C stores.

This boom also meant the change in the kind of requirements from our enterprise clients at Aureate (our parent company). Everyone wanted to accelerate the pace of innovation, experiment with their marketing, and listen to what their customers had to say, everything we had obsessed for years, was finally happening.

But at the same time rapidly growing D2C brands were struggling with the same issues, and D2C brands were the closest to their customers, fast paced and nimble, all of what got us excited.

We wanted to work with entrepreneurs and brands that were trying to build a cult-like following, and genuinely cared about their customers and products.
We wanted to move with the speed, be nimble, experiment and work on building great experiences which would make people fall in love with the brands.

And so, we started this new venture Frontuser, keeping users at the front of D2C innovation.


Our Core values


User created


Empathy for everyone

Take ownership




First principal thinking

We are high on strategy and fast on execution

We believe that solving complex problems and doing great work both require a deep understanding of the problem, then identifying the most ideal solution and strategizing its execution, and cutting corners here can impact the outcome. Hence we weigh heavily on strategy.

Once we have complete understanding of the problem and its complexities, we design, develop and test at rapid speed.

We understand your business

We understand your business Our parent company has been on the edge of eComm tech for a decade now, we understand the complexities of your business and the constraints that come with it.

We help you break a few boundaries, respect others and try to deliver a solution that works for your business and your customers too

We are diverse and inclusive

Not only does our team sit in different parts of the world, but we all also come from different socioeconomic, cultural and professional backgrounds, this helps us understand your customers better and reduce biases while we design the right solutions for them.

Meet our folks

Piyush Lathiya, CEO Aureatelabs

Tech nerd, manages sales and business, stays high on Kombucha and Cold Brew, buys any and every D2C product he sees on instagram.

Just another college dorm room entrepreneur, almost an eCommerce veteran with 13 years of experience, built 3 companies helping eCommerce and onto the 4th now.

Your go-to guy for all things eComm-tech, business, management and network (he knows a lot of folks).

Abhinav Baldha,
Conversion Specialist, Aureatelabs

Product geek, obsesses over attention to detail, improves eCommerce stores for a living.

Advocates for users more than users themselves, analyzes UX of everything he sees.

Digital marketer turned Product Manager, has worked with quite a few(read as a lot) of startups.

Your go-to guy for UX, marketing automation, optimization, data and designing new features.

Jonathan Cohen

Executive digital and brand marketing professional with 15+ years of experience growing businesses with e-commerce and omni-channel strategy.